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4 May 1972
What to say in such things? I'm just me. I get online to check things but rarely post. I'm a romantic who still hand writes her grandmother letters.

Currently my pets include two cats of my own (both rescues), and one foster a cat for a Siamese Rescue. The foster is 20ish and has some medical issues and so is likely to be with me until she passes. I'm okay with that though, it seems I'll be specializing in senior cats. Glad to put my cat skills and medical knowledge to use.

I find myself married again*, it's hard to explain but I've known Himself for over half of my life and cared about him so long and in so many ways; it seems like a natural progression of such an intense relationship. (We also dated when we met at 17.) He's tall, slender and handsome, very strong and has large hands and more importantly he makes me laugh and tells good stories. He argues constitutional law with me, we have nearly the same reverence for books. We are sci-fi geeks who also tend to be fond of superheroes, books, movies, & history.

I absolutely adore him and am terribly thankful that he's so laid back as he takes my "Type A" tendencies in stride and isn't bothered by them. I'm working on adjusting my "Type A"-ness into a passion about doing things; so that it's productive. It's slow going though.

(*I've been married before, our expectations were very different, hence the divorce.)

I've done some work with Option, to allow me to get a better grasp on what I think, how I feel, and to strip away other peoples' expectations of me. I've worked hard to become my own person and not an amalgam of others' thoughts and expectations. I'm not there yet, but I do work on it occasionally. If you ever see me yapping about something that seems inconsistent with something I've said before; feel free to call bullshit on me and make me explain it.

I say what I think. Really. If you don't get it or I'm not clear (or you think I must have meant something else), feel free to call me on it or ask. That probably means I don't know what I think about whatever it is specifically enough anyway otherwise I'd have written it more clearly.

Like most people I have too many demands on my time. My body seems to think it needs 8-10 hours of sleep each night and this seriously puts a cramp in my ability to get things done.

It's all about priorities folks. What is important to you? You make time, you make room in your life, for the things that are important. Spending what time I can with Himself is important to me (we have conflicting schedules and so don't see each other much), keeping up with my friends online is important to me (most of my close friends live out of state), work, chores and doesn't leave a lot of time for other things.

I occasionally ask my lj readers for their opinions on things (though comments are always welcome!) you may find your comments challenged by one of my other lj readers. Don't back down! Stand up for what you think! Yes, of course you can change your mind, I always want to hear your (subject relevant) thoughts even if they're 'I don't know'. That's a fair answer! It's also fair to question me or anyone who comments in my lj about their comments. I haven't had anything devolve into a flame war yet.

last update: 9/8/13


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